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We first engaged with Atlantic Credit Unions three years ago. Their brand was tired and boring. Membership numbers were in decline and they needed to reach new audiences. Fast.  We developed the Refreshingly Honest creative platform as a way to bring them in line with competitors (major banks) and to differentiate them from the clutter online. We established a strong brand voice as well as a distinctive visual look and feel that focused on clean lines with hands (echoing their logo) as a visual accent piece. 

We worked with a local break dancer to create a piece featuring finger tutting to help support Atlantic Credit Unions in their regional marketing efforts. This was one way we were able to use our visual elements—hands—and expand from a static image on a page to demonstrate how the visual element could be brought to life.

This is a brand spot we created for Atlantic Credit Unions. It's a demonstration of how we could move beyond hands, and a white/gold look and feel while still maintaining the authenticity of the Refreshingly Honest platform we have developed . Strategy Magazine even wrote about it!

We worked with Nova Scotia Power (an electricity utility) to help them do an internal communications program to both celebrate and also encourage employees to take part in a massive business enterprise project. Typically as a brand they tend to be conservative and corporate but these pieces needed to be engaging, eye catching, and able to inspire action.

We worked with Dalhousie University to create a small campaign promoting women in computer science. We did a small online ad buy and had an extremely small budget, so we knew our language needed to be bold, to the point, and empowering. 

We also create a lot of social media content for Atlantic Credit Unions. We make this stuff in house on an iPhone. This quick and dirty content has helped Atlantic Credit Unions be nationally recognized by the Canadian Credit Union Association as a leader in content marketing. (Make sure you turn your sound on!)

Professional writing

When I'm not writing about breakfast, I write about Taylor Swift's PR strategy, how there are no boring subjects, only boring writers, and PR blunders on the NATIONAL Public Relations site. Seriously. I get paid to write about this stuff.