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Atlantic Credit Unions

We first engaged with Atlantic Credit Unions three years ago. Their brand was tired and boring. Membership numbers were in decline and they needed to reach new audiences. Fast. We developed the Refreshingly Honest creative platform as a way to bring them in line with competitors (major banks) and to differentiate them from the clutter online. We established a strong brand voice as well as a distinctive visual look and feel that focused on clean lines with hands (echoing their logo) as a visual accent piece. 

We worked with a local break dancer to create a piece featuring finger tutting to help support Atlantic credit unions in their regional marketing efforts. This was one way we were able to use our visual elements—hands—and expand from a static image on a page to demonstrate how the visual element could be brought to life.

Credit unions in Atlantic Canada are built on the values of honesty, trust, and fairness. And we had a hunch these values also mattered to Atlantic Canadians. So we devised an experiment. We stuffed 12 wallets with cash, cards, a credit union debit card, and a contact number. Then, we lost those wallets across Atlantic Canada. Curious about what happened?

You’re not alone. The story took off. We received international media coverage resulting in millions of earned media impressions. We were the top trending story in all of Canada the day after we launched our campaign. We even won some awards for the work (think Toronto, not Cannes). Oh, and the best part? We did the whole thing for a budget of less than $10,000.

Nature Conservancy of Canada x Nocturne: Art at Night

There’s not many places in the world where you can leave the downtown core and be in complete, pristine wilderness in a less than a 5km (that’s 3 miles for my American friends) drive. But Halifax, Nova Scotia isn’t like many other places.

To celebrate the opening of a new wilderness park, we teamed up with our client the Nature Conservancy of Canada to bring the wilderness even closer. Through video projection, soundscaping, and a few props, we turned the lobby of our office building in downtown Halifax into a full-sensory glimpse into the natural wonders that can be found in the Halifax Wilderness Park as part of Nocturne: Art at Night.

*more pictures/details to come after the event on October 13, 2018.

Professional writing

When I'm not writing about breakfast, I write about Taylor Swift's PR strategy, how there are no boring subjects, only boring writers, and PR blunders on the NATIONAL Public Relations site. Seriously. I get paid to write about this stuff.