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Review on the road: Port Pub, Wolfville, NS

Review on the road: Port Pub, Wolfville, NS

It's my birthday!

Or rather, it was my birthday. So what better way to celebrate than to escape for a weekend roadtrip away...

But to roadtrip, one must of course use a vehicle, so the good folks at Ford Canada were generous enough to give us a trusty steed for the weekend—a 2018 Ford Escape that we named Xtina. (For no other reason than our regular car's name is Britney (as in Spears) and Xtina just seemed right—kind of hot and interesting, but ultimately not something that was going to be around for awhile. No disrespect Ms. Aguilara.)


So first things first Xtina was actually a pretty sweet chariot. Easy to drive, comfortable—basically the perfect ride for a weekend road trip. We cruised to Nova Scotia's picturesque Annapolis Valley for a little weekend getaway. We stayed in a sweet little cottage perched right on the edge of the ocean (shameless plug: book your next AirBnB with this link and we both win!) that was the perfect place to drink some wine, play some cards, and make some dinner. 

The next morning when we awoke, it was time to get down to the real business of the trip: Breakfast.

So we plugged the address for the Port Pub into Xtina's GPS and away we went. Down country roads. Then dirt roads. Then a path through the middle of a field... until we realized, the GPS in Xtina was hyper accurate. So much so that it was trying to take us through a field and onto an illegal access ramp (don't worry, it was blocked by a bunch of rocks, so we couldn't follow through) to get to the highway. Shortest route indeed. By the time that little detour was done, we were almost too dirty to clean our act up, ladies, gentlemen. We didn't wanna get dirty, and it delayed our arrival.

And don't think even for a minute I haven't been sitting on that Xtina Aguilera bit in eager anticipation since it all happened. 

Anyway, mild detour aside we finally made it the Port Pub to enjoy some breakfast.

Having never been, I was pleasantly surprised when we got there. The brunch menu is very tiny but they have a focus on local ingredients which are plentiful given its proximity to Nova Scotia's bread basket as it were. 

Of the options, I went with the mushroom and Swiss cheese omelette that was also served with toast, potatoes, and fruit. As it was my birthday, we were dining with the people who made this day possible—my parents. Breaksperts aren't just made, they're born. Seriously—my Dad is a pro reviewer too.

The service was kind of slow, but friendly. I always forget that things just happen a little slower in the country. We ordered and had plenty of time to catch up, which isn't a bad thing for a birthday brunch. 


The omelette was giant with lots of cheese and mushrooms. It was fluffy, but if I'm going to get critical, it was a little over-cooked on the outside. Low and slow is the key to eggs which can be tricky in a restaurant when—even in the country—people are hungry and impatient. Regardless, that's just me being very picky about what was otherwise a really delicious omelette. The toast was some straight up homemade sourdough which was fresh and crispy—the way good toast should be. And the potatoes appeared to be homemade and just the right balance between crispy and fluffy.

So you might even say that breakfast was beautiful, in every single way...

Overall, if you've been feeling like you've been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights—escape. The Port Pub is sure to rub you the right way, honey. 

Thanks to Ford Canada for the sweet ride! Even though this was a somewhat sponsored post, the views contained within are still my own.



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